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The Zone2 Team
2 years ago
The Zone2 Team 2 years ago

Dear PRsue App Users,

Welcome to the Heart Monitors Discussion Forum. We've created this area to discuss questions and topics related to the use of heart rate monitors with the PRsue app.

Heart Rate represents the most viable and affordable way to train at just the right intensity to build endurance and get faster. To get the most out of your app, you’ll need to use a heart rate (HR) monitor.

Welcome to your PR.

The Zone2 Team

2 years ago

I have a heart rate monitor that came with my Garmin watch. I tried linking it to your app but it does not seem to connect. Can you give me any assistance with linking it?

The Zone2 Team
2 years ago

We know we replied to your original question via email, but thought we'd also post our reply so other users can get the same information.

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting your Garmin HR monitor with the PRsue app. Unfortunately, Garmin uses a proprietary signal that does not permit outside developers (such as us) to automatically connect. We are currently in discussions with Garmin to access their signal, but until that process is completed, we are not able to connect with Garmin devices.

There are, however, several other HR monitors that can be used with PRsue. You can read more about which monitors will connect on the "Heart Rate Training" page. Purchasing a separate HR monitor to access the PRsue training program might seem like an added burden. But we have many users who tell us it was well worth the purchase!

I'm also pleased to tell you that we are currently developing a feature that will permit users to access the first 2-3 months of their training without the need to wear any HR monitor whatsoever. This will be included with our next version of the app, which will be out soon.

I wish we had a better answer for you, but hope that some of these ideas might be helpful. Thank you for your interest in training with PRsue. I hope you will stay connected with us so that we might be able to better meet your needs in the future. And in the meantime, please accept our best wishes for your running success!

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